Tuesday, November 21, 2017

5 last minute ideas for your thanksgiving table

Use a coloring page in your table setting! I share 5 ways to put it to use with a FREE coloring download HERE

Last minute ideas to decorate and set that holiday table HERE

Create gratitude stones to hand out to dinner guests HERE

Last minute table place cards HERE

Gratitude party favors HERE

Sunday, November 19, 2017


It's a tradition around here to have an EARLY Black Friday Sale!
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Below is a peek at some of the goodies on sale!

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I've got a fresh batch of homemade art journals in the shop!

A huge batch of new pottery all on sale!

Clay earrings made by my mom!

A big batch of canvas pouches!

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Thursday, November 16, 2017

creating with Janna- floral wreath card

I am a huge fan of hand drawn wreaths, but sometimes I do not have enough time to sit down for hours to create a detailed and big drawing and sometimes I just might not feel like that either. So I came up with a solution for last minute cards and tags that are supposed to be handed out the same day – a very plain and fun version of a hand drawn wreath. I promise, you can´t do anything wrong here.

I used my favourite Tombow markers for drawing and scrapbooking supplies to create the card. You can use any markers, even children´s pens. When it came to adding a sentiment, I was lazy and used a stamp, I could have used my own handwriting instead or even created my own stamp. I like the clean font of the stamp though, as it creates a nice contrast to the slightly messy wreath.

Not that hard, right? As you see, I used very simple shapes, you can do this way more detailed and realistic, if you like. Also, try out different ways of drawing flowers, leaves and branches - it´s all about the practice. I recommend trying the markers in a sketch book and on a scrap piece of the cardstock you are using in the project first, as they react differently on every paper.

The great thing about creating hand drawn floral wreaths is, that each is a unique creation. It is also a great way to practice for bigger projects.

I hope this tutorial inspires you to try drawing a floral wreath yourself. I would love to see your projects, scribbles and process photos, so please tag me on Instagram with @jannawerner

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

5 simple ways to use a brayer

One of my favorite creative tools is a brayer. A brayer is traditionally used for spreading ink in the printmaking process but I love using a brayer to apply paint. Today I've got 5 of my favorite simple ways to use a brayer.

1. I use my brayer to create colorful backgrounds. Roll that brayer over your surface- I like to layer color and roll it in different directions to create lots of texture.

2. You can also blend color with that brayer. Drop paint onto your surface and then roll the brayer through the color. 

The color will roll off the brayer onto the surface.

3. You can also use a brayer to pick up texture. Roll the brayer over paint and things that have texture or dimension to them (bubble wrap, fiber, etc).

Then roll the brayer over your surface.

You will get a really light reverse imprint of that texture.

4. My favorite way to use a brayer is to create an imprint by pressing anything that has texture to a surface. The brayer gives you the ability to press, roll and smush all kinds of stuff (bubble wrap, burlap, leaves, flowers, string, etc) onto your surface to create really great imprints of texture.   

5. You can also wrap all kinds of stuff around the brayer to create texture on that surface! I like using a piece of ribbon or string.

Roll the brayer wrapped with ribbon through paint and then roll it onto your surface. The result is really unique texture!

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

creating with Jules- fabric pom pom flowers

I think I’m a little addicted to pom poms, so I love to think of ways to use them in my craft projects.

For these pom pom flowers you will need:

Thin garden wire (I used 1mm)
Thicker garden wire for the stem
Fabric in various colors
Craft glue

You will also need pen & paper, pliers, scissors, needle & thread, and a sewing machine.

First, make your pom pom. I just wrap wool around two of my fingers and then thread a strand of wool between the fingers to tie together tightly. (Just make sure you wrap loosely enough to fit a strand between the fingers!) Pull the wool off your fingers, then cut through all of the loops, and trim to neaten.

Take a long piece of the sturdier wire, which will be your stem, and poke through the pom pom. Bend the end of the wire over, placing a bit of craft glue on the end, and pull the wire to ‘hook’ the pom pom securely to the end. I also bent the end up of the bottom of the stem wire, to make it less pointy. Make the stem fairly long, as you can always fold it up if it needs to fit a smaller vase.

Cut 5 pieces of the thin wire to 14” (35cm) lengths. Using the diagram as your guide, draw a template for the petals. Cut ten petals from your chosen fabric. Take two petals, place right sides together and sew around the curved sides leaving the ends open. Trim the excess seam and clip around the curves as shown. 

Turn right side out and fold a thin length of wire and push it inside the petal. With a needle and thread, sew all around the edges of the petal, making sure the wire is at the very edges to hold the wire in place. Along the bottom of the petal, do a loose running stitch and pull tight and secure thread to gather. 

Repeat for remaining petals. 

Now place your petals evenly around the pom pom and stem, and wrap the wire around the stem to hold in place. Use the pliers to clamp the wire on nice and tight. Using craft glue, and a thin strip of fabric, wrap all around the stem from the base of the flower to the bottom of the stem.

Now repeat for as many flowers as you like, and enjoy!

Jules :)

You can find more of Jules here:


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