Sunday, April 13, 2014

coil basket DIY

Making coil baskets has been on my do list for a couple of years and recently I finally took some time to have a little fun putting own twist on this process!

You can make a coil basket out any thick rope or twine, you can even use scraps of fabric wrapped around the rope for something really colorful. But I decide to keep it simple and use rope (out of everything I tried I liked using cloth line the best). 

To begin, coil the rope. Using a machine, zig zag stitch the coil together and keep coiling and stitching.

I spend lots of time sewing heavy duty and non-traditional materials on my machine- I typically use a denim needle for these kinds of projects.

Once you have the base of the basket you can create the sides by tilting the coiled rope as up as you sew. 

Continue sewing until the basket is desired size...SO EASY!!

I used colorful thread to add color in my baskets, I also painted my rope. I used both spray ink and acrylic paint to cover sections of the rope (time consuming but totally worth it)!

I also painted the entire basket with acrylic paint (it took two coats) and then used my white paint pen to add pattern over the top.
I create and experiment with all kinds of simple materials and DIY projects but this by far is one of my favorites! The entire process was really addicting and I know I will be making more. 


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