Monday, December 17, 2012

life with lucy

I am finding each and every day that being a parent requires flexibility, patience and A LOT of creativity. I'm still working on the flexibility and patience part but I've got creativity down pat- which means I use it every chance I get!

What began as intentions to create salt dough hand print ornaments ended in lots of tears and fear (for some reason dough is a strange and scary sensation for 14 month old Lucy!) so I had to come up with something creative to do with a big batch of dough- FAST.

So I did what any artist would do....I pulled out the paint! 

I used a cookie cutter and cut out round ornaments and baked them in the oven. Once they cooled I coated them with gesso and let them dry. Then I let Lucy go wild painting them (we used Crayola non toxic paint and I mixed up some fun color for her to use). A simple alternative to our failed attempt at hand prints!

There were no tears or fear this time around because this kid loves to paint. And getting to watch and experience the joy and excitement that something as simple as a brush and color (and being messy) can bring- was TOTALLY worth having to switch gears with our little holiday project.


Lucy painted the entire batch of ornaments and I finished them off with a couple coats of gel medium to seal. I added ribbons and they are ready to use as gift toppers. 

HURRAY for paint, HURRAY for simple projects and HURRAY for creative problem solving!


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