Friday, April 06, 2012

fashion friday- statement flats

IMG_3953 copy
I am loving the current trend of funky and colorful statement flats- I mean who doesn't want to make a statement with their shoes!? While I love to buy shoes (boy do I LOVE to buy them) I decided to transform a pair that I already had in the closet that could use a little update. I wanted something BR IGHT and funky- The look I was going for- Keith Haring meets polka dots!

1. I started with a pair of yellow flats that I purchased last year at Target. 2. I used Tulip Soft Fabric Paint and a couple of small brushes. 3. Next I went to town painting lots of circles on the shoes.
h copy
4.I covered the entire surface with lots of dots. 5. Once the black paint was dry I added a pop of color inside of the dots. 6. And added a few random pops of pink.
7. Last I added a few little details here and there.

IMG_3959 copy

IMG_3956 copy


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